The ultimate toolkit for gaining the clarity to grow your impact & profit

After an initial chat and once we properly understand your issues, we’ll create a bespoke pathway through the 4 key steps in the Clarity Playbook.

We use the discipline of business coaching and a variety of powerful tools to propel you through the process.

Find out more below.

What is business coaching?

We don’t believe it works to separate the social entrepreneur from the business.

That is why we use the hybrid approach of Business Coaching to ensure that, as you grow, your interests remain consistently aligned with those of your organisation.

01/ Be understood

We always start by understanding your specific needs as an individual. Where you are now, where you want to get to and what is getting in the way.

02/ Be aligned

Only then do we move onto asking the same questions of the organisation as a whole.‍

03/ Be successful

Once alignment is clear, we then focus on supporting you to use a selection of tools (see below) to design and then execute the growth strategy that works for everyone.

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Our toolkit

Strategy on a Page

Delegate & drive execution without losing control or restricting the effectiveness of your team.

This video explains a bit more about how it works:

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Social business indicator

A simple questionnaire that helps you identify a clear snap shot of your strengths and potential weaknesses of your organisation.

Get in touch to request the Social Business Indicator for free.

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Engagement Multiplier

A tool that enables you to measure anonymously how engaged your employees are with their jobs, and your customers with your services.

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Talent Audit

Map out your current talent & gaps to develop clear job profiles. Then identify what this map needs to look like in 1 yr and 3 yrs for success.

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Team profiling

Build mutual understanding within teams and improve productivity through maximising individual and collective team strengths.

Contact us to book a Talent Dynamics session for your team.

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Leadership profiling

Unlike most profiling tools, Harrison's Assessments is not a personality inventory. Instead it measures your tendencies for specific behaviours, especially when under pressure.

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Clarity Curriculum

180 two minute videos made specially for the Social Enterprise audience. They offer an effective and affordable way to scale up learning and create an enterprising culture.

View a sample of videos →

Cloud-based learning

Easy & cost effective way to access and share knowledge for everyone.

Contact us to preview our cloud-based learning platform for free.

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Peer to Peer group

An ideal opportunity to share problems, seek advice and above all learn from your peers.

For this we are collaborate with The Social Club, Get in touch about attending the next event for free.

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B Impact Assessment

Around 200 questions that provide a holistic review of your organisation's impact on all its stakeholders, and giving a score benchmarked against your industry.

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Communications Health check

Diagnose where miscommunication is causing employee disengagement & dragging productivity down

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Define your brand & tell its unique story consistently to grow your community of loyal customers

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