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Strategic guidance for ambitious leaders to createsustainable impact & profit for all your stakeholders

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Here's how:

By aligning your personal purpose with your big idea, giving you the clarity to break down challenges, innovate and harness the talent in your organisation for sustainable growth.

We call this 4-step proven process:
The Clarity Playbook

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Barriers to Growth & Constant Fire Fighting?


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cut through to clarity — innovate & optimise


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grow your organisation's impact & profit


Why us?

Co-Founders Ben Freedman and Craig Carey, authors of the book 4th Sector Entreprenurship, specialise in understanding ambitious 4th Sector Leaders to help them solve problems, unlock value and grow social impact.

Craig Carey has 20+ years’ experience working as a business coach, consultant &  non-exec across a range of sectors, along with having an MBA & a degree in Economics.

Ben Freedman, serial entreprenuer, has helped scale 10+ businesses & found two national charities, Aspire and Breakthrough Breast Cancer (rebranded Breast Cancer Now).

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Examples from 2019 of how we've helped purpose-driven clients grow:

SUBSTANTIALLY scale Business model
Flowchart new Core processes & customer journey
Hire new md
Win contracts up to £29m
Build new board
replace hostile chair
raise investment up to £50k
Aquire new assets worth £500k
Restructure Senior team
Start new projects/services worth £1m


Our Clients

I think that the level of clarity meant that I was able to achieve absolutely everything that I’d set out to achieve...

Andrew croft
Chief Executive

Bubble Chamber has provided great clarity and direction throughout, which really benefits our stakeholders...

Mike Trace

I have really enjoyed first feeling understood and then challenged to find the most productive path forward for everyone...

Peter Hyman

Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it...

Emma morris

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any Social Enterprise looking to grow their social impact...

Joanne brown

Everyone needs someone like Craig, who can be objective and yet supportive at the same time. I’d thoroughly recommend Craig...

Heidi fisher

Craig was a pleasure to work with at all times...We would strongly recommend him to any charity or social enterprise which is preparing to scale-up...

Dicky Eton

Their coaching approach has ensured that we feel listened to and understood at all times as we have developed our strategy for growth...

Kathryn Uche
Chief Executive

(Strategy on a Page) provides me absolute clarity about clear goals, clear targets, from the top of the organisation all the way down...

Robert music
Chief Executive

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Try a slice of Clarity

If you feel there’s one specific barrier stopping you from growing, address it today by gaining clarity through one of these modular solutions.

Clarity of Conflict

Understand how to unlock value from conflict

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Clarity of Impact

Measure your impact and prove what works best

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Clarity of Brand

Attract ideal stakeholders through living your values

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Clarity of work culture

Authentically measure employee engagement

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Clarity of Leadership

Make your next game-changing move

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Clarity of

Realise best practises from the frontline experts

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We wrote the book on it:
4th Sector Entrepreneurship

Read our book, (reached #1 on Amazon Kindle) to find out comprehensively about the tools and ideas that inform our approach.

Plus, hear from +35 successful 4th Sector Entrepreneurs whom we interviewed as research for the book.

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