Your Roadmap to Sustainable Social Value

At Bubble Chamber, we offer a roadmap to build a purpose-driven organisation that enables you to confidently deliver sustainable social value.

But this is not a "one size fits all" approach. Far from it.

Everything we do for our clients is tailored to their unique needs and the direction they want to take their organisation in. Our roadmap simply helps to separate the process into easily digestible segments or steps.

Below is an overview of how we work. It'll give you a bird's eye view of the journey ahead and enable you to plan your progression through our process according to your needs.

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How We Work

Our approach is effective because we work systemically with you to unlock value through the organisation's leader. We help you find innovative ways of creating sustainable social impact without sacrificing yourself.

We Start with Understanding

Our primary goal for you, as the head of your team, is clarity. And clarity starts with understanding. So, we first take the time to understand you as an individual and how that relates to your role as a leader within your organisation.

The process begins with a one-to-one 90-minute Clarity Session.

In this session, we dig into your goals as a leader, critical challenges to growth, leadership strengths, and more. We focus on clarifying the areas where you feel you need support to succeed.

We Co-Design a Plan for Clarity & Growth

Taking everything you've told us on board, we offer a practical and strategic pathway to help you achieve your goals.

Bolstered by our deep sector knowledge, we co-design a plan with you to build clarity and optimise your available resources for growth.

The steps to achieving your bespoke plan will likely be a significant investment of your time and energy. Still, our success rate and glowing client feedback prove that it offers excellent ROI.

We Support & Challenge You

Throughout this journey, we will help you, but we will also challenge you.

We want to make sure you achieve your goals in the most sustainable way possible – both for you and your organisation. So, we will hold you accountable for your growth as a leader and call you out when you're getting in your own way. Not with judgement but with understanding and your values and wellbeing at heart.

After all, when you're feeling less stressed, having more fun, and are in control, you're more likely to achieve what you want to, right?

We Provide Online & Group Learning

Most of your sessions will be one-on-one, either online or in person.

However, to make our process as cost-effective as possible and maximise the value of our one-to-one time, you will automatically gain access to our unique online learning platform. This offers a range of resources to help you gain further clarity and progress more quickly towards achieving your objectives.

There will also be some group webinars and workshops when we begin to involve your team in the journey.


Our Process: Four Core Steps

The process consists of the following four core steps:

  • Your purpose, vision & values
  • Your customer profile and map their journey through your system
  • Your strategic vision
  • Your market positioning
  • Your initial 90-day plan

Step one

Clarity of Leadership & Strategy

This 13-session CEO Bootcamp is designed to clarify your personal and organisational purpose, vision and values, the core customer journey, and critical measures of success.

There's also an introduction to clarity of communication so you can begin engaging your team in the process.

Develop your:
  • Clarity of the senior team's overall purpose, vision & values
  • Senior team’s leadership styles
  • Senior team’s job profiles
  • Communications & talent audit
  • 12 month & 3 year talent strategy

step two

Clarity on Talent

Build up the dream team around you, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time. Moreover, prevent future bad hires costing the organisation (+£30k per bad hire). Once the talent strategy is robust and firmly in place, all other strategies can be executed far more effectively.

  • Take ownership of your communication culture
  • Build Trust and forge stronger connections
  • Challenge and be challenged without causing or taking offence
  • Turn ‘difficult conversations’ into creative ones

step three

Clarity of Communication

We believe it's in the space between people that an organisation's greatest value is created. Or destroyed. In this step, we collaborate with our partner, Creative Conversation, to help you learn and apply the communication skills you need to transform all your working relationships. It's an organisation-wide approach that, supported by a 'Train the Trainer' programme, makes it simple to scale and sustain.

Start embedding these frameworks & enterprising habits within yourself and senior team:

  • Strategy on a Page
  • Effective Communication
  • Measurement of impact
  • Effective planning & implementation

step four

Clarity of Execution

Once the foundations are in place, we offer a toolbox to help cascade clear decision-making and action and harness your organisation's talent and resources to drive growth.

With these tools in place, you can truly get the freedom to do all the horizon scanning, networking and innovation you'd like to do as a leader.

With all the above steps completed, this is when genuinely healthy and balanced growth begins to skyrocket.

Ready for Remarkable Change?

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If you're truly dedicated to changing the status quo and creating a better world…

If you're willing to commit the time and effort needed to achieve your vision…

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You can access an additional toolkit of powerful leadership, talent, and communication resources through our expert team and partners. These tools can be bolted onto our four-step process to propel your purpose forward faster.

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Our Book on the 4th Sector

Our co-founders, Craig and Ben, have quite literally written the book on the 4th Sector.

It was inspired by the rise in enterprise mixing with the sense of service of government and the compassion of not-for-profits to create an exciting space where innovation for substantial social good can truly thrive.

Craig and Ben are passionate about coherently and consistently talking about this 4th Sector of the economy. So, they put pen to paper.  

Having reached #1 on Amazon Kindle, the book has been labelled required reading by sector leaders.

This indispensable guide to profit-with-purpose includes interviews with +35 successful 4th Sector Entrepreneurs. It's crammed full of the tools and ideas that inform our approach.

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