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Trust is key for business coaching to work. That's why if you're a leader of a 4th Sector enterprise, we'd like to offer you a free 60-minute taster session with Ben or Craig. That's £375 worth of value we'd like to invest in you to give you an authentic feel for our approach and expertise.

To catalyse our conversations in that time, we've put together the Clarity Questionnaire. It will also help you reflect on what areas you are really on top of and those that are sources of frustration.

Fill it out below along with your details to book in the free session and we'll be in touch within the next working day.

It's a total of 22 questions and should take 5-10 minutes.

You won't be added to a mailing list and if you change your mind, simply let us know and we won't hound you. And of course, all answers are completely confidential.

Rate your current degree of clarity in the following areas out of 10 (where 1 = I'm lost and 10 = I'm crystal clear)

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Hear from our other clients

I think that the level of clarity meant that I was able to achieve absolutely everything that I’d set out to achieve...

Andrew croft
Chief Executive

It has been immensely valuable to be supported and challenged by someone who works hard to ensure an understanding of our specific needs...

Dom Cotton
Joint CEO

It has changed how we work, how we judge objectives and business objectives on a weekly basis, and go after those things and make them happen...

Jonathan parsons
Managing Director

My sessions with Craig have given me great insight... and not only enabled me to determine the action I need to take, but also formulate a clear, confident plan to implement it...

Kat Sowden
Managing Director

Bubble Chamber has supported me to step out of the business and take a strategic approach giving me, in turn, the confidence to let my team step forward and take responsibility...

David Osborne
Managing Director

You won’t gain clarity about your social enterprise’s purpose and strategy without challenge, and that’s what Bubble Chamber helped me with...

Brendan Martin
Managing Director

Bubble Chamber has provided great clarity and direction throughout, which really benefits our stakeholders...

Mike Trace

I have really enjoyed first feeling understood and then challenged to find the most productive path forward for everyone...

Peter Hyman

Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it...

Emma morris

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any Social Enterprise looking to grow their social impact...

Joanne brown

Craig was a pleasure to work with at all times...We would strongly recommend him to any charity or social enterprise which is preparing to scale-up...

Dicky Eton

Their coaching approach has ensured that we feel listened to and understood at all times as we have developed our strategy for growth...

Kathryn Uche
Chief Executive

Process in full

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