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Our clients are ambitious leaders seeking to shape a better future through the sustainable growth of their enterprise’s positive impact & profit.

They come to us at the point where they want to take the next big leap forward or have hit a roadblock.  We come alongside them, providing strategic guidance that unleashes their full potential and harnesses the good in their enterprise.

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Examples from 2021 of how we've helped purpose-driven clients grow:

Increased annual surplus by £600k (60%)Raised £900k of investmentScaled delivery process resulting in £55k salesHired two key values-aligned employeesResolved conflict with key employeeHired a values-aligned COO • Restructured Senior team • Raised £250k from values-aligned investorsEmbedded values-based decision-makingTransformed conflict in a dead-locked Board avoiding financial/reputational damageClarified Purpose & Values

Bubble Chamber has supported me to step out of the business and take a strategic approach to mapping out a clear organisational development plan in a cohesive way. This in turn has enabled me to think through what we have and what we need for the future in terms of our talent strategy and given me the confidence to let my team step forward and take responsibility.

David Osborne

The benefit of using Strategy on a Page, quite apart from clarity in my own mind and also within the exec team, I was able to use it at the Strategic Awayday with the Board and I think that the level of clarity meant that I was able to achieve absolutely everything that I’d set out to achieve in terms of agreement and the Board were completely behind what we were going to do.

Chief Executive
Andrew Croft

Bubble Chamber is no echo chamber! You won’t gain clarity about your social enterprise’s purpose and strategy without challenge, and that’s what Bubble Chamber helped me with. But challenge won’t land without a friendly, open-minded and supportive relationship, and with Ben and Craig you can count on that too.

Managing Director
Brendan Martin

We have really enjoyed working with Ben. It has been immensely valuable to be supported and challenged by someone who works hard to ensure an understanding of our specific needs and who then is able to introduce us to a set of easy to use tools to address these need and grow the business

Joint CEO
Dom Cotton

I used to be busy being busy, frantically working to achieve our goals but spending a lot of time dealing with problems which seemed to crop up with alarming frequency.

Undergoing this process with Craig has made me realise that I wasn’t really as clear as I thought about what the goals actually were … I mean seriously clear!

I was also very inefficient which led to things being done in the wrong order and our team really wasn’t working at it’s most productive which led to stress and tension in the team.

All of this led to spending a lot of time firefighting.

I now have a lot more time, a lot less stress and a great work/life balance.  I have clarity.

Managing Director
Simon Allison

Working with Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it. This in turn means I am less worried than I was about making mistakes and feel able to be more true to myself, effective and above all enterprising. It’s great!

Emma Morris

I wanted to send a big thank you for the work you put in helping me prepare for the Board conference. After the initial pitch of the ideas, we moved into groups to talk about what excited people and what concerns and obstacles they could see to moving forward. My longest serving board member was very quiet and spoke last and then said ‘If you really want to know what I think….. I was so excited by what you were saying I nearly burst!’ I know that this would not have been the outcome without our work together.

Chief Executive
Linda Wallace

Craig has given me real clarity around where my organisation is heading and how to go about achieving my plans. Sometimes you are too close to see things – and Craig is great at pointing things out that need to be looked at.

He’s helped me to focus in on what my measures of success are, aligning my values with the organisation’s values, and planning for scaling up and growth with practical things like putting the processes and systems in place, recruiting talent and more.

Everyone needs someone like Craig, who can be objective and yet supportive at the same time. I’d thoroughly recommend Craig.

Heidi Fisher

Craig and Ben have been incredibly important in helping us set up our Concierge Service as a Social Enterprise. Not only have they been able to guide us through the basic logistics of choosing the right legal structure and getting buy in from the Board but their coaching approach has ensured that we feel listened to and understood at all times as we have developed our strategy for growth.

Chief Executive
Kathryn Uche

(Strategy on a Page) provides me absolute clarity about clear goals, clear targets, from the top of the organisation all the way down.

Chief Executive
Robert Music

Working with Bubble Chamber has changed how we work, how we judge objectives and business objectives on a weekly basis, and go after those things and make them happen. And I look back and think, 'How on earth did we do it before?’

Jonathan Parsons

Helped me improve the way I work through things and unblocked  some real challenges. Benefits include improved personal resilience and my own mental health and has made very big change in how I do stuff. My experience with Bubble Chamber has completely transformed my personal opinion of coaching and is something I would like to commit to for the rest of my career. It's  been exceptional

Adele Madin

My sessions with Craig have given me great insight... and not only enabled me to determine the action I need to take, but also formulate a clear, confident plan to implement it.

The Harrison Assessment helped build my self-awareness and identify areas for development. It was then a natural choice to use it as part of recruitment to a post in my senior team. A powerful tool for recruitment and performance appraisal

Managing Director
Kat Sowden

At a time of great change in my role within the growth of Big Education, Ben has really helped me become clearer about my thinking and how I can share this with others. It has been very interesting to experience an approach that aims to find the best balance between my needs and those of the organisation and I have really enjoyed first feeling understood and then challenged to find the most productive path forward for everyone. I look forward to the next phase of our work and would definitely recommend Bubble Chamber to any leader of a social organisation.

Peter Hyman

I have worked with Ben from Bubble Chamber throughout what has been an incredibly challenging year, especially for a start business. Ben has been incredible, helping to keep me motivated, and focussed, despite being on version 5.6 of our business plan, due to an ever changing Covid landscape.

In addition, Ben guided me in writing a successful funding bid, funding which will not only ensure HMPasties is able to survive 2020 but can go into 2021 with confidence and our own fully fitted bakery and shop. I cannot thank him enough!

Lee Wakeham

Craig at Bubble Chamber helped us to establish real clarity around the vision and purpose of the organisation and create a strong message to share with funders, investors and other stakeholders. While their core tool, “Strategy on a Page” enabled me to engage the whole team in thinking through the processes needed to increase income generation through their project activities.

We are now working to embed it as our tool for planning and measuring progress with income generation across all our activities. So far so good!

Craig was an effective facilitator with a great knowledge of the sector but also a real commitment to ensuring we had real ownership of the whole process. He took the time to get an in-depth understanding of the organisation and the individuals involved which made him easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any Social Enterprise looking to grow their social

Joanne Brown

Duckie began working with Craig Carey and Bubble Chamber after a rapid period of expansion and when the demand for Duckie’s services began to outstrip the company’s existing capacity.

Using their Strategy on a Page growth framework he patiently worked with us to review and update all of our systems and processes, and supported us to identify and remove any weaknesses that had been exposed by the company’s recent growth.

We also revisited and redrafted our vision, purpose and values and prepared new planning documents which will support Duckie to continue to expand safely and sustainability over the next four years.

Craig was a pleasure to work with at all times and we really value his care, attention to detail, support and patience as we navigated the company through this period of change.

We would strongly recommend him to any charity or social enterprise which is preparing to scale-up its provision.

Dicky Eton

Craig stepped in to provide support to me in my role of CEO needing to present information to our Board about social enterprise and its benefits and the various types of enterprise that might suit the types of services we provide.

Craig was quick to understand the requirements and to ask clarifying questions which resulted in a discussion document that helped us process the huge area in a short period of time. He also helped by putting it into a context which meant we were equipped for wider considerations and implications arising from the debate. Thank you Craig.

Pam McConnell

Bubble Chamber has provided great clarity and direction throughout, which really benefits our stakeholders and potentially the sector as a whole. We’ve been working with Craig since September 2015 to develop an employment enterprise strategy and framework to create various pathways for rehabilitated prisoners. As an organisation we’re really excited about how Bubble Chamber is enabling us to develop the strategy into a reality. Craig engages brilliantly with the whole range of RAPt’s stakeholders; he’s passionate about social enterprise, highly professional and has delivered quality work to agreed timescales.

Mike Trace

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