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Our Story

Back in 2014, Bubble Chamber's co-founders, Ben Freedman and Craig Carey recognised that a different kind of business support was needed to fit the uniqueness of a newly emerging, innovative sector of the global economy.

They had seen an increasing number of brave, forward-thinking entrepreneurs moving away from traditional models of business, public sector organisation, and non-for-profit to create a new purpose-led business paradigm: the 4th sector.

4th sector entrepreneurs don't fit into any of the mainstream sectors. You work a different way. And your way results in lasting social impact.

enterprising, but too shareholder focused

being of service,
but too hierarchical

but too stifling

Ben and Craig founded Bubble Chamber to help enterprising leaders like you succeed.

With over 50+ years in the social sector between them, they have a specialised understanding of the challenges profit-for-purpose leaders and organisations face. They have seen that, when 4th sector entrepreneurs reach out for support, traditional business consulting practices and executive coaching methods often don't adequately address their unique goals and needs.

So, they set out to change this.  

Based on extensive research, listening to entrepreneurs, understanding what they need, and considering the market context, they have developed a unique approach to growth in the 4th sector. Using this framework, Bubble Chamber has successfully supported a long list of clients to solve problems, unlock value, and grow social impact across multiple communities.

Over the years, the company has grown into a focused team of hugely passionate 4th sector experts.

Our personalised people-first approach is at the centre of everything we do. First, we take the time to understand the needs of the individual leaders. Based on that, we offer the support that best suits them and their growth strategy.

We'd love to hear your story and see how we might be able to help you further your financial and social, or environmental goals. Drop us an email or give Craig a call on the number below for an informal chat. →
0779 455 1318

Our Approach to Business Coaching

For 4th Sector entrepreneurs, we don't believe it works to deliver recommendations as consultants often do or separate the leader from the business as executive coaching does.

That is why we use the hybrid approach of business coaching. This ensures that, as you grow, your interests remain consistently aligned with those of your organisation.

How does it work for you?

A. Be understood

We always start by understanding your specific needs as an individual. Where you are now, where you want to get to and what is getting in the way.

B. Be aligned

Only then do we move on to asking the same questions of the organisation as a whole.

C. Be successful

Once alignment is clear, we focus on supporting you to use a selection of tools to design and execute the right growth strategy for you.

Our Partners

We collaborate with some great partners, as passionate as we are in helping 4th Sector entrepreneurs grow impact.


Our Clients

We're proud to have supported many wonderful organisations along their 4th sector journeys. Here's what some of them have to say about working with us:

Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it...

Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it...

Emma morris

My sessions with Craig have given me great insight... and not only enabled me to determine the action I need to take, but also formulate a clear, confident plan to implement it...

Kat Sowden
Managing Director

Bubble Chamber has supported me to step out of the business and take a strategic approach giving me, in turn, the confidence to let my team step forward and take responsibility...

David Osborne
Managing Director

Everyone needs someone like Craig, who can be objective and yet supportive at the same time. I'd thoroughly recommend Craig...

Heidi Fisher

Bubble Chamber has provided great clarity and direction throughout, which really benefits our stakeholders...

Mike Trace

Craig was a pleasure to work with at all times...We would strongly recommend him to any charity or social enterprise which is preparing to scale-up...

Dicky Eton

Our values

These values guide all our work:


We are passionate about the 4th sector and the abilities of the people within it to create social value. We'll fight for your vision.


We firmly believe that businesses working together are more effective when we collaborate with others guided by achieving a win-win for all parties based on mutual honesty, respect and trust.  We're partners in your success.


To maximise the positive potential of the situation for our clients, we challenge them when needed. We'll push you to be your best.


To work hard to remain open to different ideas and commit to take personal responsibility to finding new effective solutions to problems. We'll always looking for ways to help you improve.

Meet the team

Co-founder & managing Director

Craig Carey

Craig has 21 years experience working as a business coach, consultant, non-exec and advisor across a range of different sectors – charity, social enterprise, NGO, SME and finance (specialising in insolvency and business turnaround). Craig founded Bubble Chamber CIC with Ben in 2014.

Previously Craig worked at Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), where he was Head of Operations. At SEUK, he managed all operational elements of their portfolio, undertaking consultancy contracts focused on business planning and training entrepreneurs in India and China. He also developed a national leadership programme for various social enterprise CEOs (emerging, senior, and public sector spin-out leaders) and designed a replication programme to help scale up enterprises.

Prior to SEUK, Craig worked at Pilotlight, where he developed over 30 strategic plans for charities and social enterprises by matching directors of those organisations with teams of senior business people from the corporate world. Craig also has experience setting up SMEs in the education sector and overseas in Malawi.

Craig has an MBA and degree in economics. He is an accredited practitioner for Strategy on a Page, Harrison Assessments, and Talent Dynamics, with a certificate in coaching and MSP qualification in programme management.

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Ben Freedman

Ben combined a cinema industry career with extensive Third Sector experience.

In 1982 he helped found Aspire, the UK's leading Spinal Injuries Charity. In the mid-90s, he was also part of the team that created Breakthrough Breast Cancer (now Breast Cancer Now), which has become the UK's largest Breast Cancer Charity.

Ben went on to become a founding participant member of Pilotlight. This organisation supports the growth of charities by providing free business consultancy, drawing on the skills of a pool of business professionals. Over a five-year period, he worked with several charities, gaining a unique insight into the challenges they face.

Ben has been interested in how enterprise can create social value since the early 90s when he first came across the Social Venture Network. He spent over five years researching the UK Social Enterprise market before setting up Bubble Chamber CIC in 2014 to offer its unique approach to growth in the sector.

He owns the Prince Charles Cinema in Central London and Singalonga Productions, a company that produces Singalonga film and theatre events worldwide.

Digital Design Manager & B Leader

Jubilee Barrow

Jubilee has helped three 4th Sector organisations build and launch their online learning platforms for delivering digital products.

She is also a B Leader, trained to help organisations certify as B Corps – a badge verifying that a business meets the highest social and environmental performance standards.

Jubilee has a Design & Innovation MEng from Goldsmiths and Queen Mary, Universities of London, and previously worked for Creative Conscience, an organisation inspiring designers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects.

With one day a week to volunteer on side-projects, Jubilee has assisted on a consultancy project helping Survival International strategically improve their website's design using data from Google Analytics and HotJar to draw insights. She has also supported Rights for Peace in raising their profile through website improvements and marketing materials. And she has redesigned Unseen Tours' website to improve the user experience and provides them with ongoing website support to promote special events and use data analytics to understand website usage.

Social Impact Associate

Heidi Fisher

Heidi's background is as a Chartered Accountant, having trained with PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also founded Harris Accountancy Services CIC – a specialist social enterprise and charity accountancy firm, which she sold in December 2015.

Now she runs Make an Impact CIC, which helps organisations become sustainable through trading, secure social investment, and effectively report the difference they make with social impact and social return on investment reports.

Heidi trained with the Social Audit Network, NEF, and the SROI Network (now Social Value UK) in social impact measurement and social return on investment.

She has worked with over 1,600 social enterprises, ranging from start-up enterprises to those with income of over £1 billion. This includes community organisations, youth projects, education and employment initiatives, as well as health and social care.

Heidi is multi-award-winning and is listed on the WISE100 as one of the hundred most inspiring and influential women in social enterprise in the UK. Heidi is also the author of the best-selling book "Social Enterprise".

You Can Have Us in Your Corner

All too often, mainstream business advisors simply don't understand the unique set of challenges faced by 4th Sector entrepreneurs.

At Bubble Chamber, we have not only built a deep knowledge and understanding of the barriers to success but, crucially, how to overcome them efficiently and effectively.

Our clients commonly feel that, when they're under pressure, they can talk to us.

Not only will we listen to your questions or concerns and take them seriously, but we will have suitable suggestions of strategies and tools you can try to solve the unique issues you're facing.  

So, to have someone who truly understands where you're coming from fighting in your corner, contact us today. You're welcome to drop us an email or call Craig for an informal chat on the number below. →
0779 455 1318

Free Clarity Questionnaire

Get a taste of our services by taking our free 4th Sector Clarity Questionnaire, followed by a complimentary 60-minute 1:1 session with Ben or Craig, valued at £375.

This gives you a chance to get clear on your goals while experiencing our approach. It can also be a very useful starting point for our journey together.

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Our Book on the 4th Sector

When enterprise mixes with the sense of service of government and the compassion of not-for-profits, it creates an exciting space where innovation for substantial social good can truly thrive.

To encourage clear, coherent, and consistent conversations about a 4th Sector of the economy, we wrote a book about it.

"4th Sector Entrepreneurship" has reached #1 on Amazon Kindle. Including interviews with +35 successful 4th Sector Entrepreneurs, it's been dubbed a definitive guide by industry leaders.

Crammed full of the tools and ideas that inform our approach, it's intended as a helpful framework for 4th Sector leaders. Leaders just like you.

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