Clarity of Impact

Much like measuring financial success, it is paramount for an organisation to measure the positive impact it is creating for its different stakeholders.  This is how you’ll know what’s working, what’s not & where there’s opportunities for growth.

While financial accounting has been around for about 400 years, social & environmental impact measurement is newer to the game and  it can be easy to get tied up in knots over.

That’s why we take a straightforward approach which minimises the confusion & burden to allow for continuity of measurement.

B Corp Certification

Holistic & benchmarked impact measurement

The B Impact Assessment has been used by +50,000 businesses worldwide

It is a ~200 multiple choice questionnaire that scores your impact across all stakeholders, grouped in the following 5 categories:

  1. Governance
  2. Employees
  3. Community/Suppliers
  4. Environment
  5. Customers

More than simply giving a score and industry benchmark, these ~200 questions provide a wealth of best practises for anyone looking to lead their business more responsibly.

Completing the B Impact Assessment is also the first step in becoming a B Corp and joining a community of +300 UK businesses (+3,000 worldwide) pursing to use business as a force for good.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any Social Enterprise looking to grow their social impact...

Joanne brown

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BIA Workshop

Try our 1/2 day BIA workshop to get an initial impact score and a list of opportunities to improve. →
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Impact reporting

Bespoke impact measurement

If your organisation is doing something really special to create social value, you’ll want to capture hard metrics which prove to & inspire your industry the ability to generate profits that create a better future for all stakeholders.

But what to measure? And how? Working with Heidi Fisher, our Social Impact associate & founder of Make an Impact CIC, we can help you become clear on the best answers to these questions through a variety of services:

  1.  Develop a Theory of Change
  2. Create a Social Value strategy
  3. Identify the financial proxies for Social Return on Investment
  4. Build impact data collection systems
  5. Produce an Impact report

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Bubble Chamber helped me to be clearer and more confident about what I want to achieve as a Social Entrepreneur as well as how to get it...

Emma Morris

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Initial Impact Chat

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