Clarity of Self-management

If you've been in a leadership role for a while now, you've probably come to a similar conclusion we did – leading by command & control doesn't work that well. It discourages an enterprising mindset amongst staff, bottlenecks decision making within burdensome hierarchy and valuable learning from individuals on-the-job often gets lost.

So what is the best approach to leadership? We believe the answer lies in self-management.

By providing a well defined framework in which you can trust employees who know the job best (since they do it day-in-day-out) to work with a high level of autonomy, you can breed an enterprising mindset & capture learning that improves processes & efficiency.


Unleash potential from the frontline

This is a brave, radically different approach from traditional leadership.

That's why we partner with the leading experts in self-management, Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland. They branch from the pioneering Dutch healthcare organisation, Buurtzorg, who established a nurse-led model of holistic care in 2006 that has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands.

Combining their expertise with our own, we can help you transition with clarity & confidence to maximise success.

  1. Develop clarity of leadership
  2. Define frameworks for continuity, guidance & support
  3. Establish self-managed teams

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Bubble Chamber has supported me to step out of the business and take a strategic approach giving me, in turn, the confidence to let my team step forward and take responsibility...

David Osborne
Managing Director

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